Genex has been established in 1978 as an import/export company. Thanks to the intuition of its managers and to the economic inter- ventions carried out during the past years to improve itself, Genex has become a producing company reaching an important position in the national and international market. The first aim of the company is the continous research of innovative material which guarantees the quality of the product, long duration in time and constant care of the essen- tial design without disregarding the technical solutions to facilitate fast installation and maintenance. Thanks to the recent enlargement of its warehouse, Genex products are always available to offer a very good service, considering also the delivery times. A careful quality inspection guarantees the reliability of the product. Strict electrical and mechanical controls effected during the working phases, make the products reply to European security standards. All paintings and chromium platings are executed with high quality and resistant products. Genex offers also up- to-date advice services of interior and exterior illumination design based on high accurate specific programs. The company occupies an important position among the major distributors of electrical material in Italy and abroad for the quality of its products and competitive price

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